Currently on Exhibit

  • Megan Fruchter – Quilts
  • Isabel Leininger – Miniatures
  • Sarah Bones – Photography
  • Margaret Sidlick – Paintings

quilts by Megan Fruchter

Megan Fruchter now lives in North Carolina with her three very large dogs, but she has deep Malvern roots. She grew up in Paoli, and her grandparents, Clarence and Gladys Goshorn, raised her father, Bob Goshorn, and her uncle, Bill Goshorn, right here on King St. in Malvern. Gladys wrote several small books on gardening and was a long-time President of the Malvern Garden Club. Bob served as the President of the Chester County Historical Society for more than a decade, as well as heading the TE School Board.

In addition to quilts, Megan creates unique stained glass assemblies, hand-knitted sweaters from her own original designs, and watercolor paintings specializing in plant morphology and Norse mythology.  She also is available for home design consultations which include a wide range of handmade, individually designed craft objects.
Megan’s quilt designs are inspired, unique, and dramatic.  They are stitched by hand: beautifully appliquéd and very finely hand-quilted throughout.  Interested in buying an astonishing handmade quilt and helping Malvern Arts? To learn more, contact Megan at

Miniature Rooms by Isabel Leininger

Isabel Leininger loved her dollhouse as a child and was determined to have another one someday. As an adult, visits to the miniature Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago and to the Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City inspired her to begin at last. Over the past twenty years she has created several miniature room-boxes and a large dollhouse for which she builds and collects furnishings. Isabel is a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, and attends the Guild’s classes every summer in Castine, Maine.

Isabel grew up in Chester County and has been doing needlework and sewing since the age of six. She knits, makes quilts, sews clothing—Chanel-style jackets are her favorite—and does needlepoint and embroidery, both in miniature and full size. She and her husband Kurt have lived in Malvern for the past twenty-nine years.

Isabel Leininger leads the Textile Makers gatherings held at Malvern Arts the second Tuesday of every month.

Photographs by Sarah Bones

Sarah Bones is an award winning photographer and director from the Philadelphia area with over 30 years of experience. She has been using her camera and vision to tell the stories of men, women and children around the world who are voiceless and too often ignored by the mainstream media. She joined the collective group Photographers For Hope in 2011 and is a longtime member of both ASMP and the NPPA. Sarah and her husband Joe have lived in Malvern for almost 40 years, where Joe serves on the Borough Council. 

Currently on display in our gallery are Sarah’s color portraits from Belize, Guatemala, and Tanzania.

To see samples of Sarah’s work, visit her website:

Paintings by Margaret Sidlick

Margaret Sidlick grew up in Cheyney, attended Moore College of Art and Penn State, and has a degree in Information technology from Drexel University. She worked in technology for over 30 years. She moved to Malvern with her husband Paul in 1978. Paul and Margaret are accomplished old time musicians and have played in a number of old time string bands including the Bow Rockers and the Indian River Hillbillies

In 2015, Margaret began studying painting with Karl Kuerner. His classes are offered through the Brandywine River Museum and held at Kuerner Farm in Chadds Ford. The farm and its environs are the subject of many paintings by former neighbor Andrew Wyeth. Margaret has also studied pottery making, knits, and creates hand-made books. She volunteers for the Philadelphia Flower Show, at the 19th century Historic Sugartown village, the Freeman Stage in Sussex County Delaware and is a volunteer tour guide at Winterthur Museum.

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